Choosing The Right E Cig

Choosing An E-Cig: What Should You Look For?

It can be hard to decide on just the right e-cig! There are so many choices, and it’s hard to know where to begin when comparing and judging the various brands. Additionally, if you’ve been smoking tobacco cigarettes for a while, you’re bound to be somewhat attached to them, and switching to e-cigs can be a big decision.

Choosing The Right E Cig

Set your worries aside! Once you’ve tried a truly high quality e-cig, you’re sure to love it as thousands of other former smokers do. Vaping with e-cigs is a clean, pleasant, affordable smoking alternative. With e-cigs, instead of toxic fumes, you inhale a rich, warm, flavorful water vapor with just the amount of nicotine you choose. What’s not to love?

In this article, we share the criteria we use when we rate e-cigs. We want you to know what to look for so you can make a wise, informed, simple choice. Read on to learn the key points you should consider when choosing an e-cig brand.

These are the topics we review to give you the best and most concise information:

  • Starter Kits: Does it have great packaging & best presentation?
  • Does the company offer great value in an e-cig starter kit?
  • Is a range of flavor intensities offered: Mild? Light? Intense? Bold?
  • Does the company offer adequate, good or exceptional flavor choices?
  • Does the company offer a high quality, long-lived e-cig battery?
  • Can this e-cig really deliver good vapor volume?
  • Are there many shipping options with this brand of e-cigs?

Once we’ve thoroughly discussed all of these topics in regards to a brand of e-cig and rated the e-cig in question in each area, we average our ratings and give you a firm overview of our general impression of the brand.

Here are a few more things you should bear in mind when you are considering choosing an e-cig:

  • Which brands offer the best vapor cartridge value (very important!)
  • Which e-cig brands produce the thickest, richest and most generous vapor?
  • Which e-cig brands get the most positive reviews from happy, satisfied customers?
  • Will I really get more value when I pay top dollar for an e-cig kit? What will I receive?
  • Will the brand of e-cig cartridges I’m considering taste like the tobacco cigarette I’m used to?


When you begin vaping with e-cigs, you’ll find that you have far more choices in flavors than you did as a smoker. After all, it was pretty much tobacco, menthol or cloves with tobacco cigarettes, right? Well, you can still get all of those with e-cigs, but you can get so much more! For example, you can enjoy specialty flavors like vanilla, cherry and chocolate or strong, bold flavors like coffee and espresso. While you may not start out thinking you want a wide variety of flavors, you may become very curious later when your taste buds start to wake up, so be sure to choose a company that offers a good, solid choice of high quality e-liquids.

When you are thinking about purchasing from an e-cig company, take a little time to do some research. Look at the website and determine whether or not you think it’s user friendly. Look to see if customer testimonials are posted and read them! Look for independent online reviews of the company to see what people outside of the website say. Check to see if the company is USA or foreign based. You may wish to choose a USA based company for both ideological and quality reasons. USA based companies create USA jobs, and they also tend to produce higher quality products held to stricter production standards.

Be sure to read lots of [WPMSHOT key="e-cig reviews" url=""] on this site to get an idea of the things people enjoy about vaping as well as the challenges they may face. Learn the lingo and get comfortable with the vaping world. Once you’ve gotten your toes wet, you’ll surely feel ready to dive right in!

And once you find your favorites (or flops) please share your experience with our growing community and reviews collection right here!!



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